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Day 5 Marudo Koi Farm

Marudo_Kohaku_No_18_28_cm_MT_SOLD.JPG   22046110_10156764093578009_137021373204252329_n.jpg  22089464_10156764099073009_4319850730242569505_n.jpg

A superb result was achieved last year at the All England Koi Show with this Marudo Kohaku purchased as an unsexed Tosai in Feb 2016. How many of the Koi below could achieve the same success.

Winning First in Class and Size and Second Overall in Size 4

I arrived at Murodo Koi Farm just after 10am and very quickly the pond i was selecting from was ready , the following Jumbo Tosai Kohaku and one Sanke for a customer was chosen.

No1Marudo_Kohaku_Jumbo_Tosai_No_1_24cm.jpg  No2Marudo_Kohaku_Jumbo_Tosai_No_2._28cm.jpg  No3Marudo_Kohaku_Jumbo_Tosai_No_3._27cm.jpg 

No4Marudo_Kohaku_Jumbo_Tosai_No_4_26cm.jpg No5Marudo_Kohaku_Jumbo_Tosai_No_5_27cm_1.jpg No6Marudo_Kohaku_Jumbo_Tosai_No_6_26cm_1.jpg

No7Marudo_Kohaku_Jumbo_Tosai_No_7__27cm_2.jpg No8Marudo_Kohaku_Jumbo_Tosai_No_8_23cm.jpg No9Marudo_Kohaku_Jumbo_Tosai_No_9_25cm.jpg


No10Marudo_Kohaku_Jumbo_Tosai_No_10_25cm_JAMES_COLLEY1.jpg   No11Marudo_Sanke_Jumbo_Tosai_1.jpg



After Marudo Koi Farm is was a brief stop to Nogami Koi Farm to check on a customers Koi that has been left in Japan for the last three years , I have been fortunate to see this Koi many times and have videos and pictures of her development since she was purchased She is doing very well and the growth has been good , the body frame is huge and she has not started to fill out yet , Hisato and Chikara Nogami's opinion is she has a lot more growth to do before the body starts to fill out. Its time for me start again with another Nogami to leave in Japan this will be chosen on my next trip , I am sure the next hobbyist will be equally as happy .

I will also be selecting Jumbo Tosai on my next visit , Hisato Nogami and Chikara San have been very busy judging at the Thailand Koi Show and Hisato San will be at the Philippine Koi Show this weekend again Judging. I suppose when you win a few Grand Champion Prizes in Japan you are very much in demand from all of Asia.  It was arranged that I would be back at Nogami in a few weeks when Hisato will make available some superb Nogami Kohaku.

After lunch it was back to Marusei as its very difficult to resist buying more of his superb Jumbo Koi. Pictures later when i have finished my first day in the South at Oishi Koi farm.


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