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Some of our Japanese Koi for sale...


Oishi and Uedera Go-sanke.


Superb High Quality Go Sanke After arriving a few months ago all these Koi are now at the Shop. {youtube}BGuzpi-0fmc{/youtube} {youtube}tzw0J8tf_Jo{/youtube} {youtube}BBOBNUiICtY{/youtube} If you like to grow young Koi they...

Female Jumbo Koi


Female Jumbo Koi

  Three different varieties of Female Jumbo Koi from Marusei Koi Farm     Chagoi 64cm  £895            Yamabuki 59cm  £795          ...

New Koi


New Koi

Koi Waterlife Newsletter Below are some of the Koi now available for sale at Koi Waterlife , these koi are very high quality and were selected during my last two trips to Japan. You can find many of these Koi with videos on our...

New Koi now at the Shop !


  New Koi now at the Shop Below are four videos of Koi that have arrived this Year and all are now out of Quarantine and available to buy.    {youtube}_vL7XWe9hZI{/youtube} Pond 1 very high quality , Platinum...

Jumbo Tosai Feb 2016


After arriving in March these Koi are now getting back to their best, very high quality Koi with superb patterns and excellent potential. These koi have already developed well since arriving and are now in 23 degrees and being f...

New Koi Out of Quarantine


New Koi Out of Quarantine

Koi Waterlife Latest News The following Koi will be available at the end of this month , they arrived early March and have now finished their quarantine and will be brought to the shop next week. I will post updated pictures an...

Day 7 Oishi Koi Farm cont...


Day 7 Oishi Koi Farm cont...

Day 7 Oishi Koi Farm In February I purchased some superb quality Platinum Ogons and Yamabuki , more of the same today but with the Platinums are some superb Gin Matsuba.  Also individually selected are , Sorogoi , Beni Go...

Day 6 Oishi Koi Farm


Day 6 Oishi Koi Farm

Day 6 Oishi Koi Farm A great view of the Momotaro Stadium and another beautiful day ahead in Japan. I arrived in Okayama late evening and after six superb days in Niigata it was time for my usual visit to Oishi Koi Farm , th...

Day 3 and 4 Dainichi and Isa Koi Farm


Day 3 and 4 Dainichi and Isa Koi Farm

Day 3 and 4  Dainichi and Isa The videos and pictures were not good quality for the Dainichi Kohaku and Showa , so only these two to post. The bodies are superb and to get this quality is fantastic , Shigeru's comments on...


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