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HighFil Filtration Technology.

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HighFil Flitration the most advanced filtration system available today ,  The highFil 50 and 100 Models  can filter ponds up to 20,000 gallons and can be operated below water level. They will remove any waste above 5 microns with its highly durable Stainless Steel Screen. The control unit also manages the amount of water used during cleans and the distance the belt will travel depending on waste levels. It also has many safety sensors to prevent your pump running dry over heating or emptying your pond in the event of a cracked pipe or leak. There is also a unique feature to empty the HighFil unit of water when the belt or any maintenance is needed. There are many other features of the HighFil so please contact me for more information. I first installed The HighFil 50 in 2013 at my old shop and moved the same filter to a new 8500 gallon pond last year. With no mechanical failures to date this filter has been superb and exactly what i had expected from German Engineering.

Demolition 8 44396218_10157962262223009_4650512114761334784_n.jpg

                   Installed  2013                                                           Jan 2019

0248-0001_rev.1_HF50SEB.jpg  HF50SEB-005.jpgHF50SEB-003.jpg  HF50SEB-002.jpg

This company has also manufactured a superb low energy variable pump the HighFil HFP-75 maximum output 16,500 GPH variable speeds from 500 revs to 3000 revs , again superb reliability and low running costs. Very quiet and with the main control unit wall mountable , making adjustment very easy.

MG_2039_wiremesh-17-2-1030x687.jpg hochleistungspumpe_tz2.jpg

DSC_0558.jpg DSC_0557.jpg

If you would like more information on the above please contact me at kwc-jpn@hotmail.co.uk , Face Book , Messenger , WhatsApp or you can call 01474 834411 and 07712871692




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