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After several weeks of tests our New Protein Shower is now ready for 2019. This shower was set up on an unheated 1000 gallon pond with only 7 koi and this is what was happening after only a few days with a flow of 1500 gallons per hour. Removing organic waste is very important to the development of your Koi and something I have been advising for many years. During the summer months with heavy feeding the results from this shower will be superb and I will post more updates to show the improved water quality and clarity on two other ponds.

We made the bottom section clear so we can check the flow and movement of water , the showers can be made in Beige or Black polypropylene.

Protein_Shower_New.jpg Shower_web_image.jpg

Our new Showers can be made bespoke and can deal with any size flow rates.  For any more information you can call me on 07712871692 or go to Koi Waterlife Face Book Page or email kwc-jpn@hotmail.co.uk








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