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Part Two..... Isa and Marusei

This was my second trip to Isa Koi Farm this year and below are the very high quality Tategoi i have bought. Isa is one of my favourite farms for Showa as I have been following many high quality Tosai over the last few years. Some of you may have seen these pictures before but i will post again so you can see the development of his Showa , this helps to understand what it is I am seeing when i purchase Tosai as young as 8 months old.






The first picture of these Koi shows them at Tosai , as mentioned in the previous post I am looking for Koi that have a good body line and skin quality , the eveness of the Beni throughout the body is important and as long as the sumi placement and quality of sumi is there, then these are the Koi i finally decide upon. It is also important to remember there can be alot of change with the pigment as the koi grows , pinkness to the white skin can disappear as the skin thickens and some areas of beni will increase and decrease. When we buy Sansai and Yonsai we are taking less risk but if we are also buying Koi with a good pattern and all the attributes mentioned then the price will quite often be more than we are willing to pay. Also when buying Sansai and Yonsai we miss out on this very important part of a Koi's development and for me it are these areas that can teach us so much about how koi evolve.

 1Isa_Tategoi_Showa_No_1a_29cm_Feb_2019.jpg  2Isa_Tategoi_Showa_No_2_24cm_Feb_2019_JPG.jpg

 4Isa_Tategoi_Showa_No_4_27cm_Feb_2019.jpg   5Isa_Tategoi_Showa_No_5_26cm_Feb_2019.jpg

When these Koi were purchased in February the light was poor so i dont have better pictures or videos, you will have to wait until they arrive to see them which i highly recommend. These four Isa Showa are priced at £1795 each.

Always good to have the Boss present !

Below are the three Tategoi I bought in April at 35cm approx, they will be measured and photographed by Isa for the Certificates.

 1 Isa_Female_Showa_No_1_1st_May_2019.jpg  2 Isa_Female_Showa_No_2_1st_May_2019.jpg  3 Isa_Female_Showa_No_3_1st_May_2019_ROGER.jpg

With good pictures and videos of these three Showa , you can see just what i look for , motoguro , even beni , well placed sumi and very good sashi and kiwa. What isn't clear and that can only really be appreciated when viewing is the body line , head shape and skin. These three Koi have very good potential and I really look forward to seeing their progress.

After spending all morning at Isa the afternoon would be checking the Koi at Dainichi I had bought in February and making another visit to Marusei. Now it was off to the 7-ELEVEN for some lunch.

Two superb quality Koi were purchased at Marusei , the scalation is excellent and the bodies are superb to grow Jumbo.

Hirasawa_Beni_Goi_Female_65cm_2nd_May_2019.jpg    Marusei_Yamabuki_Female_55cm_2nd_May_2019.jpg

65cm Female Benigoi  £995    55cm Female Yamabuki £995

Another very good day in the Mountains and  tomorrow i look forward to posting the Dainichi Koi and another Visit to Marudo.




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