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Part Four ...... INC and Dainichi

Part Four.......INC and Dainichi

It was an early start so we could arrive at the Isawa Nishikigoi Center at 8.00am as my Bus to Narita airport was at 11.35am , so there was plenty of time to add a few more Koi to what was becoming a very relaxed and enjoyable trip with many superb Koi purchased.

  Sanke_INC.jpg  Isawa_Nishikigoi_Centre_.jpg

  INC_1.jpg  Isawa_Nishikigoi_Cenre_2.jpg

Toshi and his father Toshio prepared a pond and the following Koi were purchased. Some very high quality Kohaku and Tancho and super prices , all sexed as female and £195 each.

INC_Kohaku_Bowl.jpg  INC_Tancho.jpg

There was time to discuss with Toshio his new bloodline sanke and showa that he is producing and the quality look amazing these koi will be available for me to choose from at Harvest time and also the following year when i will be back selecting Tosai again. I have always liked this farm and with so much history it is one that i will always visit. It was now time for me to leave to take the bus to Narita airport for my flight to the Philippines later that evening to my hideout where i will be sorting out all the details of the last two trips to Japan and getting ready for the pending shipment. Oh i nearly forgot i also visited Dainichi and below are some superb Female Jumbo Tosai that will be coming back.

 Dainichi_11_.jpg  DAINICHI.jpg

All the Koi below are Female Tosai , the Kohaku are £1495 each and the Gin Rin Showa £1250 each.

1Dainichi_JT_Kohaku_No_1_11th_Feb_2019.jpg  2Dainichi_JT_Kohaku_No_2_11th_Feb_2019.jpg  3Dainichi_JT_Kohaku_No_3_11th_Feb_2019.jpg  4Dainichi_JT_Kohaku_No_4_11th_Feb_2019.jpg

5Dainichi_JT_Kohaku_No_5_11th_Feb_2019.jpg  1Dainichi_Tategoi_Gin_Rin_Showa__No_1_13th_Feb_2019.jpg  2Dainichi_Tategoi_Gin_Rin_Showa_No_2_13th_Feb_2019jpg.jpg  3Dainichi_Tategoi_Gin_Rin_Showa_No_3_13th_Feb_2019.jpg

                         4Dainichi_Tategoi_Gin_Rin_Showa_No_4_13th_Feb_2019.jpg  5Dainichi_Tategoi_Gin_Rin_showa_No_5_13th_Feb_2019.jpg

All these Koi were purchased in February and have remained at Dainichi for the past twelve weeks , I am looking forward to seeing their developement over this period. They were all sexed as female the Kohaku were 30 to 35cm when purchased the Gin Rin Showa about 25cm. The quality of these koi is very high and being Dainichi you know just how big they could get !!

When i write these blogs i try to add a few things about how i buy my Koi and why i venture down the road I have regarding Koi and their development , I am very fortunate to travel to Japan several times a year and to experience so much of what makes us all so addicted to what is sometimes a very challenging Hobby. There has been many occasions when im flying to Japan thinking that this Job is crazy , evaluating whether this is a  Job or Hobby , what am i doing spending so much money on a fish , I talked to my friends ,yes i still have a few left that dont keep Koi and they just dont understand it. At this point never try to explain , tried it , it doesnt work , you will probably just lose another friend ! The same thought occured to me a couple of years ago but thanks to a few good chosen words from Michel sanity was restored , i arrived at Nagaoka Station at 9am and was met by Michel and i will never forget what he said , "Welcome Drew San i have spoken with Mitsunori Isa and he has some superb Koi for you this morning  , you will be Bankrupt by lunchtime !! ".  I will never doubt why i do this job again.

SNOW_1.jpg Nogami_Selectons.jpg INC_Fish_House_1.JPG 

image3.jpeg Marudo_Yamabuki_Scalation.jpg Hirasawa_Fish_house.jpg

Marusei__Selecting.jpg image6.jpeg IMG_3355.JPG

Another trip has finished which has been a very enjoyable and memorable one with many super Koi purchased and a great adventure form the Niigata Show on day one to the final morning at the Isawa Nishigoi Centre,  i have detailed as much as possible but considering i have over 250 Koi arriving there are still plenty that did not make it to these pages , so please keep an eye on the Website and my Facebook page , or get in contact with me to arrange to view these beautiful koi that will be coming back.  Until Harvest time have a good Koi keeping year. Drew


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