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Here are some of the quality Koi that are now available to view , many of these can be found on my website CLICK HERE. The Videos below are Koi from , INC , Omosako , Marusei and Ueno Koi Farms . I will be adding many more Koi to my website over the next week. To view these Koi call me on 07712871692 .

INC Tosai Shiro Utsuri , 20cm very High Quality with superb patterns developing.

Omosako Kujaku , superb quality with excellent scalation.

Marusei Nisai Ki Utsuri , great patterns and all female.

Ueno Showa , high quality Tosai .

Many of the Koi above are on my Website , I will adds more videos in another Blog in a few more days.

Hope to see you soon











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