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The High-FIL 25 Endless Belt Filter Systems Manufactured and Designed in Germany and using up to date technology can deal with circulation rates up t0 25,000 litres per hour. An automatically self cleaning endless belt filter which uses a special Stainless Steel wiremesh that has been tried and tested successfully in many different industrial applications. Complete with its own bio filter the HighFil can be installed for both pump fed and gravity operations.

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Further Information from the Manufacturer

HighFil® Endless belt filter system

Fields of application

The “HighFil” continuous belt filtration plants were developed by our experienced engineers and technicians from 2008 to 2009. This plants have been successfully used for the filtration of pond water ever since. Additionally, they can be used for various applications in the field of water filtration. All parts of the plant are carefully chosen to suit continuous operation all year long; they meet the industrial standard; and they are accepted in accordance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/E6. Due to the design configuration of the plants high amounts of contaminants can be removed quickly and reliably. Finest suspended particles with a particle size of ≥ 5 µm are safely retained by our innovative continuous filter belt. The perfect sealing of the continuous belt filter prevents leakages. With this successful plant design, the best water parameters can be achieved and a safe operation is ensured.

Advantages of HighFil continuous belt filter plant

  • Industrial standard
  • Accepted in accordance with Machinery Directive 2006/42/E6
  • Finest particle filtration with particle sizes of ≥ 5 µm
  • Circulation of 15 m³/h to 100 m³/h
  • Fully automatic self-cleaning
  • Optimal contaminant discharge; leaves and algae bundles are removed without any problems
  • Suitable for pump and gravity operation
  • Innovative filter belt made of stainless steel wire mesh with industrial fastener
  • Free 3D plant design
  • Installation below pond level when used in gravity operation
  • Easy handling: filter belt and drain are accessible directly
  • Intelligent control ensures high process safety for all processes
  • Modular system, flexibly adjustable to local conditions
  • Available as hang-in component or complete plant with mounting aid frame

Advantages of the filter belt

  • Innovative filter belt produced from stainless-steel mesh, with a pore size of 48µm. Developed to be used in ponds containing populations of Koi fish.
  • Excellent permeability with high flow volumes.
  • Optimum dirt retention thanks to special pore construction and large number pores.
  • For the prevention of leaks, perfect sealing thanks to coated edges.
  • The belt is easy to change thanks to the innovative closing system

Below are videos showing the HighFil 25 in operation.

Screen Shot 2022 02 10 at 13.37.11 Screen Shot 2022 02 10 at 13.39.01

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