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Koi Waterlife's Protein Showers

Our Protein Showers are the only showers that can remove organic waste (DOC) a by-product of your filtration system that leaves foam on the surface of your pond that can inhibit the development of your Koi.

We can make our Showers with inlets from 1.5 inch to 3 inch at the side or rear of the shower.The water can be returned via a weir or pipe and the protein waste can be removed from either side of the Shower.

We have been manufacturing these Protein showers for 15 years and what better way is there to remove organic waste from your pond,.

283335120_421703446140395_5768808847023165312_n.jpg    PS.jpg    283508127_753697722335646_1670037518025511771_n.jpg 

283663979_3328492437380035_3402991738590049640_n.jpg  ppp.jpg  283529788_381422223942240_6260483457419093535_n.jpg

Pictures of customers Protein Showers doing what they do best.

IMG_20210528_183729_resized_20211210_013650056.jpg  Black_Protein_Shower.jpg  Double_entry_shower_2.jpg

Our Protein Showers !

Please call 07712871692 to discuss how we can help you achieve better results for your Koi.


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