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New Koi Arrivals

These are some of the New Koi that have arrived in the last two weeks , I have started to add to my Website and will add all the Koi when they have finished their Quarantine Period. I have purchased many varieties with superb quality and potential. They can now be bowled and purchased but must remain at Koi Waterlife until I am happy for them to be collected.

Oishi_Jumbo_Tosai_Kohaku__45cm_No1_.jpg  Oishi_Jumbo_Tosai_Sanke_40cm_No_5.jpg  Oishi_Jumbo_Tosai_Sanke_41cm_No_6.jpg  Tategoi_Kohaku_2_19th_June_2017.jpg

Tategoi_Showa_4_19th_June_2017.jpg  Oishi_Tosai_Yamabuki_22nd_June_2017_.jpg  Oishi_Tosai_Gin_Rin_Shiro_No_7_22nd_JUne_2017.jpg  Tategoi_Sanke_1_19th_June_2017.jpg

Hirasawa_Asagi_and_Shusui.jpg  Day_5.jpg

  Hirasawa_Female_Hi_Utsuri.jpg  Marudo_Female_Yamabuki.jpg

 Matsunosuke_Tosai_SankeJPG.jpg  Toshi_3.jpg  

Marusei_Yamabuki_60cm_PS.jpg  Isa_Female_Showa_No_7_43cm_11th_Jan_2017.jpg  Isa_Female_Showa_No_5a_42cm_11th_Jan_2017.jpg  Tategoi_Sanke_4_19th_June_2017.jpg

The Koi above is a small selection of over 500 Koi from Tosai to Sansai available and priced from £50.00

You can contact me for more information on 01474 834411 or email kwc-jpn@hotmail.co.uk.

I hope to see you soon Drew

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