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Day's 7 and 8,....Final days to a superb week Koi Hunting !

Day's 7 and 8 the final few days.

My trip was drawing to a close with just one more day of koi buying , the first farm to visit was Uedera Koi Farm , I have being coming to this farm for many years and have always found this a great place to vist , the quality of his koi is very high but what helps me the most i the individual selection of High Quality Tosai. His bloodlines are very famous and uses Dainichi, Momotaro, Sakai bloodline together with his own Oyagoi and produces , Gosanke , Ochiba , Shiro Utsuri and Kujaku.

Uedera Netting Uedera Netting 2

I didnt have time to photograph these koi individually as today was a very packed day with alot of travelling , before heading back to my Hotel in Okayama for the last time.

Bowl AUedera_Tancho_Numbers.jpg  Bowl BUedera_Sanke_2_Numbers_.jpg

Bowl CUedera_Sanke_Numbers.jpg  Bowl DUedera_Gin_Rin__Numbers.jpg


All these Koi are Tosai , Spawned in June last year , all unsexed when purchased ,there are traits to look for when purchasing Tosai to determine the sex of the Koi , never 100% guaranteed but i have purchased these koi with this in mind. If the breeder had chosen these koi to grow Jumbo and were now female these would be approximately 35cm and would be over £1000. 

All approximately 25cm with superb patterns and quality , excellent tsubo sumi , all priced at £275.

After a quick coffee and a chat about next years new production of Shiro Utsuri , it was off to my second farm of the day. This trip was developing into one of my favourites due to all the breeders really helping me bring back some stunning Koi to the UK , I have said it is easy to buy Koi but to buy great Koi requires alot of patience and understanding with the breeders,  it takes time but the results can be superb. The Koi below are from one breeders recommendations to me !

  1High Quality kohaku No 1 2High_Quality_Kohaku_No_2.jpg 3High_Quality_Sanke_No_6_.jpg 4High_Quality_Sanke_1_.jpg

5High_Quality_Showa_No_8.jpg 6High_Quality_Showa_No_6.jpg 7High_Quality_Showa_No_4.jpg 8High_Quality_Showa_No_7.jpg

These are just a selection of koi available ,they are all Tosai and unsexed, all chosen from his best tosai ponds , if the breeder had space these would be going into his mudponds , unfortunately as space is not available he has to grow these at the farm in concrete ponds, so expected size at Nisai would be about 40cm , his Jumbo Tosai from the mud ponds will be approximately 55cm at harvest. Same parents same quality just grown a different way. I am asked many times if smaller Tosai can grow Jumbo and the answer is always yes. Ask the breeder if a 25cm tosai can grow to 80cm and he will either say  " of course " or "why only 80cm ! " . The only thing that holds back Koi growth is how they are kept.


Not much of a video and picture day today as its been very hectic ,  The Koi below have now been purchased from Day 2 at the INC home of the Matsunosuke bloodline. Again outstanding quality and only a selection. To get these koi has taken a bit of time but when you see them you will see why , superb quality and patterns .If you would like any further information on these koi please message me.

  Toshi_1.jpg Toshi_3.jpg

Toshi_2.jpg Toshi_5.jpg

It has been a fantastic trip and i hope you have enjoyed the blog , it takes alot of time but i eventually get it done, as mentioned i will give alot more information on what is happening at Oishi Koi Farm and give more information on Miracle Animal plus a few more exciting things i have planned for my next trip which is due late October early November. I hope to see you soon and you like the Koi i have purchased.


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