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Day 2 Oya and Marusei Koi Farms

Day 2  Oya and Marusei

  Oya_Farm.jpg  Oya_Koi_House.jpg

Weather was good today and I arrived at Oya Koi Farm at 10am , this farm is one of the most famous for producing Asagi and have one many major prizes in Japan , during everytrip I always visit this farm for Asagi and today i would be choosing some very high quality Tategoi Tosai as well as a few Sanke.

  Oya_Asagi_.jpg IMG_4999.JPG

These ten Asagi have superb beni and excellent scale reticulation, clear heads and very high quality. I will be posting some excellent results in a week or two of Asagi purchased two years ago to show just how good these koi could become.

The following 5 Oya Sanke were chosen from a selection made available to me , great skin and body shape for a young koi.

1Oya_Tosai_Sanke_No_1.jpg  2Oya_Tosai_sanke_No_2.jpg  3Oya_Tosai_Sanke_No_3.jpg  4Oya_Tosai_Sanke_No_4.jpg  5Oya_Tosai_Sanke_No_5.jpg

These koi can be left with me if required as would like to follow these Koi in their development .

  Oya_Sanke_pond.jpg  Oya_Selection.jpg

After a good morning at Oya koi farm it was off to the noodles bar before for visitng Marusei Koi Farm. Day 2 continues on next post.

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