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Oya and Marusei Continued.... As soon as I arrived at Marusei Koi Farm i was shown the two ponds of new Koi that had only been brought to the farm the day before , this farm has a huge variety of Koi and I had many orders to complete so I may need a second visit later this week. The size of the Koi at this farm is unbelievable and this is why I never get bored of coming here. The following koi are all Nisai and Female .

Today was one of those very sunny days in Niigata and gave me a big headache with getting the quality pictures i wanted. All these Koi are priced at £225 each all female and 35cm to 40cm Nisai.

 Hirasawa_Aka_Matsuba_No_1.jpg  Hirasawa_Aka_Matsuba_No_2_.jpg  Hirasawa_Aka_Matsuba_No_3.JPG  Hirasawa_Aka_Matsuba_No_4.jpg

 Aka Matsuba No 1   Female No 2          Female No 3             Female No 4

  Hirasawa_Gin_Rin_Benigoi.jpg  Hirasawa_Gin_Rin_Kigoi_.jpg  Hirasawa_Hi_Utsuri_No_1.jpg  Hirasawa_Hi_Utsuri_No_2.jpg

  Gin Rin Benigoi       Gin Rin Kigoi          Hi Utsuri No 1             Hi Utsuri No 2

  Hirasawa_kin_Matsuba_No_1.jpg  Hirasawa_kin_Matsuba_No_3.jpg  Hirasawa_Kujaku_No_1_.jpg  Hirasawa_Kujaku_No_2.jpg

 Gin Matsuba No 1         Gin Matsuba No 2           Kujaku No 1         Kujaku No 2

  Hirasawa_Mizu_Ogon_1.jpg  Hirasawa_Mizu_Ogon_No_3.jpg  Hirasawa_Mizu_Ogon_No_4.jpg  Hirasawa_Mizu_Ogon_No_5.jpg

  Mizu Ogon No 1        Mizu Ogon No 2            Mizu Ogon No 3         Mizu Ogon No 4

Marusei_Female_Chagoi.jpg  Marusei_Female_Yamabuki.jpg

Female Nisai Chagoi                              Female Yamabuki

The Chagoi and Yamabuki have excellent scale reticulation and skin , highly recommended as these koi can grow huge ! I was a great day at Murasei just like Marudo the day before spending several hours it each farm and coming away with boxes full of female high quality , it doesnt get much better than this.




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