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Superb Showa From Isa Koi Farm

Isa Female Showa.

These koi were selected on my trip to Japan in February and have now been in the UK for the past 10 weeks.

They are all priced at £495 and sizes are  30cm to 35cm, the quality of these Koi is very high and offer a great opportunity

to grow and learn how Isa Showa develop.

2Isa_Female_Tosai_No_2_June_2018.jpg 3Isa_Female_Tosai_No_3_June_2018.jpg 4Isa_Female_Tosai_No_4_June_2018.jpg 5Isa_Female_Tosai_No_5__June_2018.jpg

6 Isa_Female_Tosai_No_6__June_2018.jpg 7Isa_Female_Tosai_No_7_June_2018.jpg 8Isa_Female_Tosai_No_8_June_2018.jpg 9Isa_Female_Tosai_No_9_June_2018.jpg

13Isa_Female_Tosai_No_13_June_2018.jpg 15Isa_Female_Tosai_No_15_June_2018.jpg 17Isa_Female_Tosai_No_17_June_2018.jpg 19 Isa_Female_Tosai_No_19_June_2018.jpg

20Isa_Female_Tosai_No_20_June_2018.jpg21Isa_Female_Tosai_No_21_June_2018.jpg 22Isa_Female_Tosai_No_22_June_2018.jpg

This Koi are all available for viewing so please call me on 07712871692 to secure a super Isa Female Showa.

See You soon



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