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Koi Waterlife  Koi For Sale

These Koi are all Female and are developing and growing well since arriving in May. All chosen for the quality and potential to grow very big.

Marusei_tatehoi_Chagoi_Female_60cm.jpg  Marusei_Female_Tategoi_Hi_Utsuri_No_2_.jpg  Marusei_Female_Hi_Utsuri_No_3__.jpg  Marusei_Female_Hi_Utsuri_No_1_55cm.jpg

Marusei Chagoi 65cm      Marusei Hi Utsuri  57cm       Marusei Hi Utsuri 55cm      Marusei Hi Utsuri  55cm

     £1200                                 £1200                                £495                                  £495

INC_Sanke_No_4_36cm_July_2018.jpg  INC_Sanke_No_2_35cm_July_2018.jpg  INC_Sanke_No_3_36cm_July_2018.jpg  INC_Sanke_No_1_36cm_July_2018.jpg

 INC Sanke  39cm  £795    INC Sanke 36cm  £795   INC Sanke 37cm £795      INC Sanke 38cm £795

Isa_Female_Tosai_No_19_June_2018.jpg  Isa_Female_Tosai_No_15_June_2018.jpg  Isa_Female_Tosai_No_13_June_2018.jpg  Isa_Female_Tosai_No_8_June_2018.jpg

Isa Showa 32cm £450      Isa Showa 33cm £450   Isa showa 32cm  £450     Isa Showa 33cm £450

Isa_Female_Tosai_No_7_June_2018.jpg  Isa_Female_Tosai_No_2_June_2018.jpg  Marudo_Female_Yamabuki_50cm_Aug_2018.jpg  Isa_JT_Showa_Number_3__34cm_30th_July_2018.jpg

Isa Showa 33cm £450      Isa Showa 32cm £450      Marudo Yamabuki 50cm £350  Isa Showa 35cm £1495

Isa_Tategoi_JT_Number_3_30th_July_2018.jpg  Isa_Tategoi_JT_Showa_Number_1_37cm_30th_July_2018.jpg  Marudo Jumbo Tosai Female No 5  Marudo Jumbo Tosai Female No 4

Isa Showa 36cm £1495      Isa Showa 39cm £1495    Marudo 38cm £1200        Marudo 37cm £1200

These are some of the high quality Koi i still have for sale , if you would like to view all the Koi I have available

please call 07712871692.



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