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Marudo Koi Farm

Another visit to one of my favourite Farms where I have purchased many very high quality Koi over the years and was looking forward to choosing some high quality Female Kohaku and checking on several of my Azukari Koi.

No2Marudo_Tategoi_tosai_Kohaku_No_2_12th_Feb_2020.jpg No3Marudo_Tategoi_Tosai_Kohaku_No_3_12th_Feb_2020_.jpg No4Marudo_Tategoi_Tosai_Kohaku_No_4_12th_Feb_2020.jpg No5Marudo_Tategoi_Tosai_Kohaku_No_5_12th_Feb_2020.jpg

No6Marudo_Tategoi_Tosai_Kohaku_No_6_12th_Feb_2020.jpg No7Marudo_Tategoi_Tosai_Kohaku_No_7_12th_Feb_2020.jpg No8Marudo_Tategoi_Tosai_Kohaku_No_8_12th_Feb_2020.jpg


All the Koi above have been sexed as female and were produced June 2019 , they have been chosen for the quality of their skin and soft beni. The body line of these Koi is very good for the Koi to grow big , they have perfect pectoral fins clear eyes and high quality sashi and kiwa. I have documented many Marudo Kohaku over the years and below are two examples of what to expect from this level of Koi both bought in Feb 2018 unsexed.



In April 2019 i purchased several Female Jumbo Tosai from Marudo and today was the day to see how they have developed over the past year.

 131cm_a.jpg  229cm.jpg  334cm_WEB.jpg  433cmWEB1.jpg

These pictures were taken last April at Tosai and below are the stunning Koi less than one year later


This Sanke is now 52cm and may stay in Japan for another year.

Another Superb Sanke 51cm , superb glossy sumi and beautiful white skin.

Both the Kohaku are over 50cm and have super shiny beni.

Below are a few close up pictures to show the quality of all of these Koi. You can find more information regarding these Koi by clicking HERE

Marudo_Sanke_No_3_AC_close_up.jpg Marudo_Sanke_No_2a_Close_Up_.jpg

Marudo_tategoi_Kohaku_No_1a_close_up_1.jpg Sandan_Kohaku_Close_up_Marudo_feb_2020.jpg

This April i will be back in Japan selecting this years Jumbo Tosai that will remain until Harvest , If you would like to purchase Koi at this level please contact me either through my Website ,Facebook , Messenger or call 07712871692 and Whatsapp.




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