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A Visit To Maruyama Koi Farm

In search of Showa and Kohaku

One of my favourite Farms and this visit would see me again buying high quality Female Showa and Kohaku.

 Maruyama_Koi_Farm_1_.jpg Maruyama_sexing_koi.jpg

  The first pond netted was full of very high grade Jumbo Tosai Kohaku and after learning a little more about them a while later I had several ready for Futoshi san to check the sex and finally deciding on these five. All have a superb body line , beautiful soft beni and clear fins. Below is one of the main reasons I chose from this pond , the Female Parent fish that produced them is 103cm you can see her with two very large Males from last years spawning.

  b57b717b-472f-4dc4-8a14-11b3e5944324.jpg Maruyama_Oyagoi_.jpg                         

 No 1 Maruyama_Female_Tosai_Kohaku_No_1__Feb_2020_1250.jpg No 2 Maruyama_Female_Tosai_Kohaku_No_2_Feb_2020_1250.jpg No 3 Maruyama_Female_Tosai_Kohaku_No_3_Feb_2020_950.jpg

                        No 4 Maruyama_Female_Tosai_Kohaku_No_4_Feb_2020_1250.jpg.jpg  No 5 Maruyama_Female_Tosai_Kohaku_No_5__Feb_2020_950.jpg



The next pond was Showa from a nearby Koi house , Maruyama is famous for producing Showa and after my selections they were again sexed and the following Koi were purchased. With a visit to Toshi Sakai of INC in the afternoon there was no time to take individual pictures something i will do when they arrive. The quality of these Showa is superb all have motoguro quality sumi and good bodies to grow big.



From Maruyama it was less than an hours drive and i would be checking on Toshi Sakai's high quality Tosai and the Isawa Nishikigoi Centre.


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