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It was good to be at the Ojiya Park Hotel as this would be my home for the next three days. After breakfast it was my first day Koi Hunting and first stop was to visit Yoshiyuki Hirasawa where some high quality females Nisai where waiting for me to choose.

Ojiya Park Breakfast

I get many people asking me about the food in Japan so I will be posting a few pictures of the food available when on these superb adventures. No guesses for what breakfast was , Japanese Western Style Breakfast , not sure where the cold Broccoli comes from !

One of the best places to buy Chagoi and Yamabuki is from Marusei Koi Farm ( Hirasawa) , they all grow Jumbo and I have seen many over 1 meter , If your water is heated then you can enjoy very fast growth with these Koi.

Hirasawa Female Nisai 30th April 2017 Hirasawa Chagoi Scalation

All Female and 40cm plus , superb scalation and  excellent quality.

Hirasawa Female Nisai Yamabuki  Hirasawa Yamabuki Scalation

All Female and 40cm plus , superb scalation and  excellent quality.

Hirasawa produces some of the best Hi Utsuri and last year i bought many and they are doing very well  , so a few more Female Nisai Hi Utsuri will be on they way back to the UK

Hirasawa Female Hi Utsuri  Hirasawa Asagi and Shusui

Also purchased were these Female Nisai Shusui and Asagi , i will post prices for all of these koi on the new drop down box titled , " New Koi in Japan " . After an excellent morning it was a quick visit to the Severn 11 for lunch then off to Marudo for more high quality Sanke.

                    Marudo koi house 

The weather was supurb which meant a very hot Koi House !!

1 Marudo Female Sanke 2 34cm April 2017  2 Marudo Female Sanke 31cm April 2017  3 Marudo Female Sanke 32cm April 2017

                 4 Marudo Female Sanke 33cm April 2017 5 Marudo Female Sanke 34cm April 2017

 Five very High Quality female Jumbo Tosai Sanke , videos are below. Click the images to see the sizes.

 Number 1 

  Number 2

Number 3

Number 4

Number 5

A superb day and more to come from Marudo Tomorrow on the way back to the hotel we stopped off for some spicy noodles before taking over the reception of the hotel to watch the Russian Grand Prix. I said the hotel would be my home for a few days !!

Noodles Grandprix

Great Day and Great Evening , tomorrow its back to the mundane job of Koi Hunting !!









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