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Day 5 ....another great day in Niigata

Day 5

Hotel 1 Nogami Tategoi House

                                                                                             Nogami Tategoi House

This is my last day in Niigata before travelling to the South and it was a very full last few hours , after checking out of the Hotel first stop was Nogami Koi farm. I always enjoy going to this Farm , not the biggest in Niigata but Hisato Nogami grows some unbelievable Koi , huge bodies and superb quality. The following koi were purchased before we took a short drive to his Tategoi House.

No1Nogami Female Jumbo Tosai Tancho 26cm  No2Nogami Female Jumbo Tosai Tancho 29cm  No3Nogami Female No 2 Jumbo Tosai 38cm 

No 4Nogami Female Tancho 31cm No 5Nogami Female Tancho 36cm  No 6Nogami Female Tancho Sanke 41cm No 7Nogami Female Jumbo Tosai 7 38cm

Due to a very sunny day , video quality was poor so i only have these pictures. They all have great skin and bodies and are all female Jumbo Tosai. I will put prices on the website tomorrow. I will continue this day later , very late and up early in search of Sanke ......

From Nogami is was a quick stop at Chogoro for some superb Platinum Ogons , all female and 40cm to 45cm

Day 5  Chogoro Koi farm

Before i made my way to Nogaoka station there was one more visit to Marudo for more female Chagoi and Yamabuki these koi are all 40cm plus and have superb scalation and body shape to grow very big.

Marudo Female Chagoi  Marudo Chagoi Scalation

Marudo Female Yamabuki  Marudo Yamabuki Scalation

I will be posting all koi with prices on my website , please look for New Koi in Japan on the main tool bar "Our Koi". it has been a very busy and excellent time in Niigata now it was time to head South and see what I can find there.

Train 3 Train 1

Nagaoka Station was very quiet, when i get to Tokyo it would be a different story , with two hours on this train it gave me time to catch up with some work and gettig those pictures and videos on the website and Facebook pages.

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