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Day 5 and 6 FFC and Oishi Koi Farm

Day 5  FFC and Oishi Koi Farm...

FFC New Factory 1  FFC Fatory 2

Everything went well on my final day in Niigata enabling me to arrive at Okayama station at 4pm , giving me enough time to visit the new factory of Functional Foods Creation (FFC). I first came across this company almost nine years ago after reading about a food suppliment to aid the development of Koi , never one to miss out on something new i arranged my first import of one of this companies products Miracle Animal , many of you will have used it and hopefuly seen for yourselves the benefits of this additive. I will give more iformation about this product later as it is quite envolved and very interesting.

FFC Factory 3  miracle Animal picture

The new factory will enable them to increase their production to keep up with international trade. The reason for this company developing Miracle Animal for the Koi market is due to the President Mr Ikeda having an obsession with Koi i dont think it will be long before a Koi Pond appears somewhere at the factory in the near future.

Okayama Restaurant  FFC dinner

From the Factory is was back to Okayama for dinner at a traditional and famous Japanese BBQ restaurant. I like these restaurants in Japan just like the noodle bars, quick fresh and healthy food and very good price , i dont think we could have this type of restaurant in England health and safety would take care of that. I shame because this place was full and queuing outside and the cows intestine may put people off !

The next morning it was up early for the 90 minute Drive to Oishi Koi Farm , I was looking forward to discussions with Massaki Oishi about some changes at the Farm regarding their Koi production. More on this later as its time for some Koi !

First pond was for some high quality Shiro Utsuri and Gin Rin Shiro , Oishi produces superb quality Shiro's and has done so for decades. These koi chosen for pattern and skin quality.

Oishi Tosai Shiro Utsuri 1   Oishi Shiro Utsuri Tosai 3

These Koi are priced at £125 each , great offer from Masaaki Oishi.

When you have such a good relationship with breeders quite often you can be left alone to make your choices , this is exactly what happened here ,lunchtime Koi selection !

lunch Oishi Style Oishi Main house

The following koi below are all Jumbo Tosai from 40cm to 46cm.

No 1Oishi Jumbo Tosai Kohaku No 1 No 2  Oishi Jumbo Tosai Sanke No 2No 3Oishi_Jumbo_Tosai_Sanke_No_3.jpg      

              40cm                                     41cm                               45cm


No4Oishi_Jumbo_Tosai_Tancho_Sanke_No_4.jpg No 5Oishi_Jumbo_Tosai_Sanke_No_5.JPG No6Oishi_Jumbo_Tosai_Sanke_No_6.jpg 

              40cm                                       43cm                                 40cm


No 7Oishi Jumbo Tosai Kohaku No 7 No 8Oishi_Jumbo_Tosai_Sanke_No_8.jpgNo 9Oishi_Jumbo_Tosai_Sanke_No_9.jpg No 10Oishi_Jumbo_Tosai_Kohaku_No10.jpg

               39cm                               40cm                        45cm                         44cm

Three videos missing , sometimes in Japan you can get lucky being at the right place at the right time , but the koi on these trips is not luck it is planning and building confidence with breeders that you are not just turning up on the day , the breeders i visit know what I need and the price i want to pay. All these koi are very high quality superb for showing. The sumi placement is very good , great beni patterns and already over 40cm at 11 months.

A great day at Oishi and as mentioned earlier more to follow , tomorrow i will be visiting two more of my regular breeders for some high level smaller tosai.

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