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Updated Videos of Koi For Sale Oct 2018

 Koi Waterlife News   Updated Videos !

All the Koi below arrived earlier this year and the videos below show just how well these koi are developing , all for sale and ALL FEMALE ! The original pictures and videos of these Koi are on my Website if you want to see how they have developed. Some of these koi have been reduced in price.

Marudo Female Kohaku 38cm Sept 2018 £1295

Marudo Female Kohaku 38cm Sept 2018 £1295

Marusei Tategoi Hi Utsuri No 1 60cm Oct 2018 £1200

INC Female Sanke No 4 41cm Oct 2018 £795

Marudo Female Sanke No 3 40cm Oct 2018 £1200

Isa Female Showa No 2 35cm Oct 2018 £495

Marusei Female Kin Matsuba No 2 55cm Oct 2018 £595 now £495

Marusei Female Gin Rin Chagoi 60cm Oct 2018 £995 now £795

 Marusei Female Beni Goi 65cm Oct 2018 £895 now £795

Marusei Female Tategoi Hi Utsuri £1295 now £995

Oya Female Asagi 55cm Oct 2018 £495 now £350

Isa Female Showa No 15 37cm Oct 2018 £495

Isa Female Showa No 19 38cm Oct 2018 £495

INC Female Sanke No 1 40cm Oct 2018 £795

Maruyama Female Kohaku  35cm Sept 2018 £895

Isa Female Showa No 8 35cm £495

You can contact me on 07712871692 , email at kwc-jpn@hotmail.co.uk or find me on FaceBook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Having observed these koi for the past eight months I can highly recommended them ,  the sumi on the Sanke and Showa is now starting to develop more , the bodies on all the Koi are straight with great potential to grow big. The beni quality is very high with excellent sashi and kiwa. If these koi are not sold i will be growing them all winter so you will see many of them on the For Sales Pages next year but not at this current price as i expect further development and growth. If you would like to view please contact me using any of the above ways.

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