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Some of our Japanese Koi for sale...


End of Year Koi For Sale Offer


End of Year Koi For Sale Offer

End of Year Koi Offer The Koi below arrived in March this year and  have all grown approximately 15cm and are now about 40cm. Having observed their development during this time there has been no issues with beni quality, b...

High Grade Koi For Sale


 High Quality Koi For Sale  I have moved these Koi to a new growing pond for the winter months. You can view these Koi at the shop and they can be left to grow until late March 2017 if prefered. The koi range from 25c...

Koi Waterlife Filtration


Koi Waterlife Filtration

Koi Waterlife Filtration   We have three products that can be made bespoke , our Protein Showers , Bio Tanks and Surface Skimmers. We can make the Showers with inlets from 1.5 inch to 3 inch at the side or rear of the...

Superb Quality Nisai


  Koi Update It is always good to buy Koi that have been in UK water for a few months , this way any development issues would be more noticeable. So after purchasing in February this year and arriving in March , these Ko...

Hel-X Special Offer


Hel-X Special Offer

Special Offer!!! I have five 100 Litre Sacks of Hel-X Media (14mm) for sale , as used in our HighFil Systems and Bio Chambers . Price per Sack  £130.00 email kwc-jpn@hotmail.co.uk  to reserve your Sack.




SPECIAL OFFER KOI These Koi have developed well since arriving earlier this year and have been produced by Nogami Koi Farm. Excellent skin quality and great patterns. They have grown 10-12cms since arriving . Now 35-40cm The...

Dainichi Female Showa


Dainichi Female Showa

Female Showa from Dainichi Koi Farm            Two 43cm Female Nisai Showa , superb skin quality and sumi developing , If you want a big Dainichi Showa these two wont dissappoint. I will be a...

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Oishi and Uedera Go-sanke.


Superb High Quality Go Sanke After arriving a few months ago all these Koi are now at the Shop. {youtube}BGuzpi-0fmc{/youtube} {youtube}tzw0J8tf_Jo{/youtube} {youtube}BBOBNUiICtY{/youtube} If you like to grow young Koi they...


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